PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System Review

PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment SystemWelcome to where we will be looking at the best Radio & Wireless Fences, running through some of the features and also making sure you get the lowest price online.

The PetSafe’s Wireless Pet Containment System enables you to keep your pet not only safe, but also secure within your own yard. Your pet can freely roam around within an area of half an acre. As your pet reaches the limit of the coverage area, an alarm will be sounded. If your pet continues to wander beyond the coverage area, he will receive a startling static correction (not harmful) that will encourage him to remain within the specified boundaries. You can keep the transmitter (which sends 17.5KHZ radio signals around the building) plugged in an inconspicuous place inside your home. Your pet wears a collar that acts as a receiver and senses the signals sent by the transmitter. Using this system, you can easily define the boundary for your pet and train him to stay within the limits.

PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System – Features

Completely Wireless: It is not necessary to bury any cable in the yard The wireless radio-fence containment system is recommended to be used for pets that weigh 8 pounds and above Wide circular range: Covers a circular area of about half an acre or a diameter of 180 feet Static correction delivered by the receiver, when the pet strays to the edge of the warning area, is safe Receiver collar is waterproof Receiver is provided with a 6-volt lithium battery Setup as well as training manuals are included Transmitter size: 8.5 × 9 × 9 inches Receiver size: 1 × 2 × 1 inches Five adjustable levels of correction and a bonus tone-only mode Supports multiple dogs through additional PetSafe wireless collar receivers sold separately Coverage area can be doubled by adding an extra transmitter sold separately
What Comes In the Box
The box that you receive when you place an order for the PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System will have the following items:
Wall-mounted transmitter Receiver collar Additional collar probes Boundary flags AC adapter for the transmitter A comprehensive training manual

PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System – Benefits

PetSafe’s Wireless Pet Containment System is an effective alternative when compared to the buried wire fencing or traditional outdoor fencing. The PIF-300 does not need spools of wire, but makes use of radio frequency to prevent your pet from straying away. As it is a portable system, it enables you to provide a safe area even when traveling.
The Wireless Containment System is simple and easy to use. All you need to do is just plug in the transmitter and it will start emitting radio signals in all directions. It takes a little less than an hour to set up the system and no installation, stakes or wire buying is necessary.
In order to train your pet with PIF-300, define the safe area temporarily using boundary flags which act as the pet’s visual aid. You can now activate the receiver collar, ensuring that the contact points of the collar touch the neck.
If you are going on a vacation to a ski cabin, lake home, or RV trip, PetSafe’s Wireless Fence comes in handy as it provides the same amount of freedom and safety that he gets at his home.

 What Customers are saying about PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System

Michael Carpenter
Our shitzu/bichon mix that weighs 13 pounds learned quickly. My concern was the receiver collar’s size, but we did not face any problem with that at all. Overall, we are excited about this product.

Rottenk our old hound easily picked up the boundary in just a few brief training sessions. He ran outside the boundary once, but stopped and returned. I don’t like to chain him and therefore the containment system was extremely useful for me.

I really wish that I had purchased this product many years ago. My pet dog stays within the yard now!

I love this product. However, I wish that it had a better range. I also wish that the quality of the collar is better. My dogs wrestle when playing and and have managed to damage several collars in a short duration of time. The electric prongs on the collar came off so it no longer gave them a shock.
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If you browse through the reviews provided by users on the Internet, you will realize that more than 90 percent of the customers are satisfied with the performance of the product. Overall, it is worth spending money on the product. It will deliver results as promised. If you are planning to buy this product, the best price offer is available on Amazon.